Our Team

Reide Whitehead is the founder of Eco Irrigation. Growing up, Reide worked for his father's landscaping company. At eighteen, Reide developed a passion for water conservation. He combined this passion with his knowledge of landscaping that led to the birth of Eco Irrigation.

Conserving Water

Eco Irrigation utilizes a four step approach to maximize water savings. First we ensure that each system is properly designed, taking into account things such as; plant type, sun exposure, slope, soil type and microclimate. Second, we oversee the installation of the irrigation install or system retrofit to make sure the work is done properly as planned. Third, we monitor all water usage, making sure the water is getting to where it is needed; and that it is applied in a way to promote the healthiest landscape possible.  Finally, we implement a maintenance plan to ensure any repairs or adjustments don’t compromise the effectiveness of the irrigation system.

Smart System Technology

Smart system technology is the future of irrigation. With present irrigation technology, Eco Irrigation is able to monitor and manage every zone, and every job site from our office, without the need to travel out to the property. Eco will be set up to receive alerts when a problem arises. As part of the management plan, Eco Irrigation also does weekly on site inspections of the irrigation system. Our on site checks are the backbone to make sure an irrigation system is running properly. This is how we measure and assess how the irrigation controller should be programmed to run.

Our Partners