Our Team

Casey Jones
Managing Director


Casey Jones has played a crucial role in shaping the company’s mission and strategy since the beginning. With a talent for spotting marketplace holes waiting to be filled, he has helped hundreds of companies build strategies for prosperous futures. Casey’s strong relationship-building skills and expertise in creating innovative solutions has made him a trusted resource for other team members and a favorite among our clientele.

Riley Smith


Regarded as one of the top leaders in today’s strategic consulting industry, we were thrilled to welcome Riley Smith to our team. With a successful record of advising clients across various industries, her experience has proven to be imperative to the company’s expanding portfolio. Riley’s continuous drive for improvement has created enormous progress in many areas, and has even inspired an ambitious attitude throughout the team.

Jesse Sanders
Senior Advisor


As a motivated, innovative and results-driven collaborator, Jesse Sanders has played a major role in transforming the team. With an impressive background in various strategic consulting roles, he has brought fresh and cutting-edge ideas to the company and successfully spearheaded many new initiatives. Jesse’s combination of practical skills, creativity and dedication to the client’s success makes him a highly valued asset to the company.

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