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Eco Irrigation is a water conservation business that installs and monitors smart irrigation technology to maximize water savings. By using modern technology to adjust and personalize your landscape, we plan to save you money and conserve water.  Eco Irrigation is offering an opportunity for people to be more environmentally sustainable with their water usage on landscapes.

We partner with a variety of landscape companies, including one of our biggest partners, Whitehead's Landscaping. Our partnership with your landscaping company makes it easy and efficient for you to make the switch to a more water conservative irrigation system. 

Our Team

Reide Whitehead is the founder of the company. Growing up, Reide worked for his father at his landscaping company. At eighteen, Reide had a developing passion for water conservation. He combined this passion with his knowledge of landscaping that led to the birth of Eco Irrigation.

Our mission is to conserve water by adapting the ways in which we irrigate our lawns and gardens to fight against the impending water crisis.

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May 2016

Introducing the Hunter Pro-HC! This revolutionary irrigation clock is weather predictive and Wi-Fi enabled. Eco Irrigation is able to monitor and manage every zone and every job site, through tablets and computers. We are set up to receive alerts for any problem that arises. The best part is that it is designed for residential and commercial properties which means it is completely budget based! For more info,

Call Matt Harmon at (208) 309 1985

May 2017

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